The Town of Wentworth

In this weeks podcast we chat with Jenny McLeod who has lived in and around Wentworth for most of her life. Jenny takes us back to the early days of the township and we also find out about a newly released book called Beyond the Settled Districts, a collection of early writings and photos that were rescued and recently published.

Further down our page you’ll find a video clip of the Wentworth Centenary Celebrations that were held in August 1959.

Jenny McLeod

2 Replies to “The Town of Wentworth”

  1. Thank you for posting the Wentworth 1959 film. I was 11 at the time and remember marching with the Brownies. I was born in Wentworth, lived there until I married in 1968.
    Many memories of my growing up, going to school, 1st full time job at Darling Motors, then Jeromes News agency.
    My family have all moved to other places now. I now live in St Leonards on the Bellerine.
    Sandra, ( Nee Jones ) Giddings. McDonald

  2. I’m certainly going to save the link to this film. In the film starting at about the 00:16 mark are all the Cal Lal CWA ladies in their hessian attire. Mum, Lorna Bruce-Mullins, on the right of the two ladies at the rear.
    Names of most of the ladies – Celia Tyler of Warrakoo Station, Ina Woods of Rufus River, Betty Smith of Warrakoo Station, Hazel Douglas of Rufus River, Margaret McMahon of Rufus River, Mrs Hardwick of Rufus River, Gwen Smith, Mrs Bicknell of Cal Lal PO, Lorna Bruce-Mullins of Warrakoo Station (our home for many years).

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