Introducing Cal Briant

Briants TV Sales and Service was a well known business in Mildura. The arrival of television in Sunraysia in 1965 had brought a career change for Cal Briant, who’d arrived in the area years before as a lecturer at the Mildura campus of Melbourne University. In this episode we talk to Cals’ son Garry about his fathers life and interests, which at one stage included Top Secret government projects.

Briants’ showroom in the early days
Garry at his amateur radio desk

4 Replies to “Introducing Cal Briant”

  1. Just found this great segment
    An old Mildura person long left Sunraysia district

    Love this history of days gone by

  2. Thanks Donald. So pleased when we hear from people from the area and have the opportunity of bringing back some memories.

  3. My friend,Don Berry suggested I listen to this podcast.
    I’m Mildura born and bred from a local family,who had an original soldier settlers block in Birdwoodton.
    I’m now living in Queensland,travelling atm.
    Still call Mildura home and still have my Dad,my son and family and many friends in beautiful Mildura.
    I remember as a young child,going with my family to Briants to watch the TV’s going in their window. We were all excited about TV coming to our town.
    This was a fabulous story,very interesting and informative.
    I will ask my Dad where we bought our first TV!!!’
    Up the good work!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Jennifer. Glad that more and more people are getting to hear these stories of our past. More to come !

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