A chat with Des Tobin

For decades many forms of entertainment across the Sunraysia district have relied on Des Tobin for his skill in delivering world class sound and lighting. In this episode we chat with Des about how he got started, learn about the early days of his business and find out that he really has no plans other than continue to contribute to our community.

A 3MA live broadcast from Bowrings

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  1. Thank you Ian for putting this together. Des is a long time friend who like myself got involved with the broadcasting industry and we shared many an outside broadcast engagement with Sky Channel. Des also built and operated a television outside broadcast van for a number of years.
    A total gentleman who fortunately allowed his “hobby” to be his lifetime love, as well as his family, for the benefit of those in Sunrasia. They don’t make them like that any more.

  2. Thanks Gordon. Yes and Des certainly speaks highly of you as well. I found out about your association in the chat after the chat so to speak where we worked out who each of us knew in common. Des has certainly played a huge roll in media and entertainment in the area over his long career

  3. I came to Mildura in 72 for 6 months with the then PMG. Playing footy and loving music, one soon became aware of the quiet man in charge of broadcasting. A no-fuss man who always got the job done.Thanks, Ian for recording this, and thanks Des for all those years of service.

  4. Des Tobin used to provide PAs for the local bands when I was playing around Sunraysia with our group The K’Motions in 1966. He would charge $4.00 to bring the PA, set it up, and then come and collect it at the end of the night.
    Ben Rogers

  5. Like Ben, we hired a pa from Des for $10, picked up his house etc. In later years showed me how to use the lighting at the Arts Center and used to catch up with him at his broadcast van the hotde races. Always on for at chat about sound and lighting. Great guy

  6. Very pleased to listen to Des, having grown up in Mildura and seeing Tobin PA systems through the decades from the 1960’s – and now I restore vintage PA amps as a hobby.

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