Mildura Day 2023

Celebrations to mark the signing of the indenture granting land to the Chaffey’s in 1887, were once again held on May 31st for Mildura Day. As part of the event, Frames of History conducted a film night to a packed house at Langtree Hall, screening new material including a wonderful film on the beginning of Milduras’ Marching Girls in the 50’s. Well known local historian Bob Walton joins us in this episode, as we recap some of the highlights of the day including the unveiling of a new sign in a very prominent spot on the river bank. This is close to the site of the original Mildura homestead.

Here’s a short video clip highlighting the event held at the Homestead site created by Robert Klarich


5 Replies to “Mildura Day 2023”

  1. Frames of History is definitely one of the best ways of fostering an interest in local history. Add to the mix the doyen of all things Mildura, Bob Walton, and again we end up with a very interesting episode.
    Prompted by this morning’s presentatation, Wendy and I
    decided to take a walk to check out the Mildura Tree and to have a proper read of the recently erected sign at that spot.
    It’s a great program Ian, and future generations will appreciate the fact that so much of our history has been recorded and is easily accessible to anyone with an interest in Mildura’s past.

  2. Thanks Alec. There’s certainly lots of things to cover on Sunraysia’s history once you get under way. Nice to have your support.

  3. Great coverage of the Mildura Day events, Ian. Thanks for your commitment and sharing your talents. Sorry you missed on the soup!

  4. Hi Ian. Once again we appreciate the outstanding work unfolding from your discoveries. We appreciate your enduring attention to detail & your support of our Chaffey Trail committed members.
    Thank you for attending Mildura Day Ian

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