In this weeks Frames of History Radio Show, we find out all about that famous Red Cliffs icon Big Lizzie. Based on an old newspaper article and with the assistance of our special guest Bob Walton, we explore some interesting facts behind what’s been claimed to be the worlds Biggest Tractor.

The restored 2nd trailer
Article from the Swedish magazine “Heavy”

2 Replies to “The BIG LIZZIE Story”

  1. Hello Ian,
    I am in possession of a copy of the photo shown above of Big Lizzie and trailer. I have listened to your discussion with Bob Walton – really enjoyed it – and also see you have spoken with Barry Mills in a recent interview – great stuff !
    Barry is my Fathers’ ( Max Cramp ) cousin. Barry’s mother and Dads Mother – Alma Cramp – were sisters.
    Dad has not spoken with Barry for a long time and doesn’t have a phone contact.I am wondering if you could contact Barry with my details as I would be really keen to talk to him about the photo – hope he is interested as well.
    my mobile – 0416 267 304
    Cheers Peter

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