A Chat with Brian Hunt

Part of the Frames of History Project, is interviewing people from the Sunraysia area on camera and archiving their life stories and experiences. Recently Brian Hunt told his story and he’s our special guest on the podcast this week. Moving down from Bourke as young men, Brian and his brother were well known entertainers around Sunraysia during the sixties and seventies. As part of our interview, we get Brian to sing for us and quote a few of his poems. Below you can also see a short segment of our video interview, where Brian tells us about the trip down to Wentworth in the early sixties.

Brian the musician
The Buddy Williams Music Show toured the country

3 Replies to “A Chat with Brian Hunt”

  1. The Hunt family were wonderful people & greatly contributed to the music scene in the area. “The Rockin’ Marbel Brothers” were a great act.

  2. I remember The Hunt family playing at our Curlwaa School socials. Gwen and Wendy had beautiful voices.

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