The McLaren Traction Engine

As the Chaffey Brothers set about clearing the land to develop the Mildura Colony, they were able to employee the latest equipment available at the time – the Traction Engine. In this episode we find out how they were able to achieve this.

In our video clip, Alan Whyte recalls the time that Demon was brought to Wentworth after years sitting idle on an outback station.

Alec on his original bush land

The McLaren-Chaffey rotary hoe

Four of the engines outside what is believed to be the Coffee Palace

Information and some images for this episode were obtained from the publication – “The Story of the Midland Engine Works“.

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  1. Well done you two. A great story and to date basically unknown. Another important piece of the ever growing jig-saw that is Mildura’s history.
    Bob Walton

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