Episode 6 – Riverside History

Within a year of the signing of the agreement to develop the Mildura area and to support the expansion of the project, the Chaffey Brothers had established an Engineering Works alongside a muliti-storey wharf. In this weeks’ Frames of History Radio show, local historian Bob Walton tells us about these historical locations and many more, which are all part of a new incentive that Bob has commenced called The Riverside Ramble. Details on the Riverside Ramble will soon be available on the Chaffey Trail website.

These photographs will be referred to in this weeks episode –

An photograph of a well established engineering works taken in the 1920’s
Mildura wharf was built with multiple levels to cope with river flow
The river front in 1931 with the Murray in flood – showing the piles of timber

Photographs have been provided courtesy of the Mildura & District Historical Society and Alan Whyte

2 Replies to “Episode 6 – Riverside History”

  1. One small correction to Bob’s commentary re the opening date of the George Chaffey Bridge. It was opened in March 1985, not 1987.

    1. Thanks for that info Alec. Bob says that you’re the authority. Nice to know that you were listening closely 🙂

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