Episode 11 – More from Henry

We all learnt a lot a few weeks ago from Henry Tankard as he outlined some of the problems that faced the early settlers in the Mildura Colony. We’ve invited Henry back this week for more information regarding how those who first arrived, accessed and distributed the precious water. As you’ll hear, there’s a lot more to discover.

Our feature photo from 1891 was only discovered in the last couple of days and fits perfectly with our topic. On seeing it Henry commented – “It is clearly the Billabong pump house ( No 3) with chimneys of the boiler house on the ash heap side of the building.  The rising main on wooden trestles, delivered  water into the receival basin of the 50 foot channel adjacent to Cureton Ave. This is the pump house that accommodated the Chaffey engine now resting on the rowing club lawns.”

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The Red Book that promoted the Colony
The Water Tower in Madden Ave

The Psyche Pumps as they are today ( click to play the video)

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