Church of Christ Youth Camps

Back in the late 40’s through to the mid 50’s, Sunraysia Churches of Christ ran a Youth Camp between Christmas and New Year. Using tents and the pickers huts at the Mansell fruit property in Cureton Ave, a program of activities and studies was conducted over the holiday week and as its popularity grew, people came from other towns and cities along the Murray.  Here’s a few shots taken from those years. There are many local families represented in these photos, some with couples that were eventually to marry – and some others that didn’t make it that far. To move the large group about the district, a truck with cattle-sides was used and trips were often made to places as far away as The Grampians and Monbulk.

Our featured photo is from 1952. Spotted here are local ministers Mr Jack Chivell, Mr Clarrie Lang and from Berrie Mr Jack Manallick. Some of the families represented here are Mansell, Leng, Hancock, Cameron, Beasy, Chivell, McLeod, Benham, French, Stone, Clark, Rankin, MacWilliams, Kinleyside and Williams along with many more to be named.

This photo taken in 1953 include local ministers Mr Don Thomas, Mr Jack Manallick and Mr Clarrie Lang with family names Waters, Agars, Williams, Cameron, McAlister, MacWilliams, Leng, French, Clark, Green, Diggle, Kissick, Mansell, Cook and Robinson and many more to be named.

A photo taken in the mid 50’s outside the T&G Buildings in 8th Street includes minister Mr Jack Manallick, with family names Diggle, Waters, Mansell, Agars, Cook, Green, Kinleyside, Milne, French, Robinson, MacWilliams, Williams, Campbell, Clark and Foley amongst many more.

Finally, here’s a short film clip showing some of the activities during one of the Church camps.

Footage from a Youth Camp in the 1950’s

Thanks to the Mansell & Leng families for use of film footage and Vic Clark for assisting with names.

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